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About Us

From a very young age, I have had a love for dogs and really enjoy making them happy and safe.

And then I joined the Army.

We specialize in a quality, private ground transportation service for individuals who want their pets not to fly, take a bus or ride a train! 

There may be stop-overs in pet friendly hotels if required. They will have there own personal crates to sleep in with all the comforts and amenities a traveling pet needs.

Pets are never left alone and we provide all the proper care and attention your pet needs and deserves. Breaks are every 2-3 hours, time to play, walk, eat, drink and exercise.

The most important thing is the safety of your dog. If traveling outside of the State of Connecticut, then all dogs must have an Interstate Health Certificate. They are good for ten (10) days, as required by the USDA. These certificates are from a licensed Veterinarian. This protects the dog, you and the East Coast Dog Transport. We appreciate your assistance in this matter!

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